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Warranty and after sales service:

Every Sandman frame comes with a 2-year warranty period against manufacturing defects, in some cases we will even replace a frame when it is past those 2 years, this depends on the issue at hand. We don’t say we have a lifetime warranty and then write a 20-page definition of lifetime that is hidden in our legal terms or business terms somewhere on the site where you can never find it, we try to be open and honest about what we offer you.

2 year warranty from the moment of purchase for each frame for the first owner with proof of purchase at a selected Sandman dealer (register your bike by sending an email to with a  copy of your invoice and your personal details)

Privacy policy

We respect the privacy of every individual who visits our website. This section of the notice explains our privacy policy and how we gather and use information about you.

1. Personal data

We may ask you for personal data if you visit certain parts of our website. Among other things we may request your name, postal address and e-mail address in order to send you information or to answer your questions. We do not collect any personal data without your permission.

Besides the information that you supply we may use certain data programs to collect standard information about you, such as the type of browser that you use, the language that you use when searching and what your Internet Protocol (IP) address is.

We may also place a cookie on your computer. You are under no obligation whatsoever to accept the cookie and you can set your browser to reject cookies. You will find more information about cookies and how to remove them at

2. Use of the data

Sandman Bikes may occasionally share information with its sister companies or with cooperating parties and representatives of Sandman Bikes for the purpose of managing data.

Sandman Bikes may be asked to disclose your personal data (i) to meet a(n) (official) request by the police and authorities, (ii) to comply with laws, regulations, summonses or court orders, or (iii) to prevent fraud.

Unless required to do so by law or by the conditions of our privacy policy, Sandman Bikes will never disclose your personal data to third parties without your express permission.

Sandman Bikes endeavours to record your personal data correctly. You have the right to request inspection and require correction of your data at any time. Contact us by e-mail if you wish to obtain a copy of the information that you supplied to us or want us to remove your personal data from our database. As soon as possible we will send you the information or, as the case may be, amend or delete your data.

3. Security

Sandman Bikes takes all reasonable precautions to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of information that you provide to us. All parties with which we have concluded agreements and all Sandman Bikes representatives who because of the nature of their work have access to your personal data are bound by an obligation to treat the information confidentially.

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General conditions of use

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